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weed out the fluff. don’t forget to have fun

PlanetPurchase got its start several decades ago when Mike and Kelly set up a ebay presence together. Mike was looking for something to sell, and Kelly had an overabundance of antique salt and pepper shakers to get rid of. After successfully cleaning out some of Kelly's hutch, Mike began searching for a reliable and continuous stream of product. Mike found quality, bargain priced, products from Ambi, J Turser, Rytron, and others. Sadly, several people shopped our store with stolen credit cards. After we made good to the Credit Card holders, there was less money on-hand than we started with. The only option was to rob the retirement account, pay the bills, and close our doors.

Kelly moved out of State and opened a store at a mall. Mike took several part-time jobs and raised cash to invest in the stock market.
Trading stocks has been a blast, but the spirit of PlanetPurchase lives on.

As life goes on and situations change, Mike continues to find products that are helpful, and products that are useless. Here within these pages are the good things. We like this stuff and hope you do too!