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OXO Softworks Little Salad and Herb Spinner

We have been using the large Salad Spinner for years. When we began RV Camping, I bought the little one on sight. We thought we’d have to wash our salads in portions, but for the two of us, this size is fine.

There are less expensive copy-cats out there but this is my choice. The bowl is sturdy enough to take lots of use and even some abuse. The strainer is also durable and perfectly usable to strain things that don’t necessarily require a spin.

This baby is a many-tasker! The bowl is great for gathering mushrooms in the woods, serving mashed potatoes at the picnic table, or spinning a field greens salad dry in the kitchen. The strainer can drain packing water from canned goods before spinning a salad dry in the kitchen. It is likely that I have not scratched the surface of this durable little jewel’s capabilities.


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